The Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Astana has a Student Council which actively involves each student in a variety of activities and greatly contributes to the development of school. Participation in self-government helps students of the Intellectual School to form leadership qualities and develop active life position.

From September 15 to October 13, for the first time, the Student Council holds regular elections of the president of student government online. But despite these circumstances, the electoral procedures are as close as possible to real elections. Since September 15, candidates for the presidency have been nominated, then the pre-election campaign began. October 12 has been declared as a Day of Silence, and a single voting day has been set for October 13.

9 candidates were registered in the Election Commission during the first pre-election week:

  1. Kabzaki Nazerke 11E
  2. Ausat Aruzhan 10A
  3. Tuleuov Yernur 11D
  4. Muratbek Sultan 11V
  5. Zharylkasyn Ayazhan 11A
  6. Sarsenbay Mirat 11A
  7. Makat Ayhanim 9E
  8. Asanbaev Adilmurat 9E
  9. Zhaksylyk Alisher 9E

From the first day of the election campaign, with the help of social networks, each candidate launched activity, trying to convey his/her program, an action plan for the near future to each voter. Each applicant convinced that in the role of President, he/she would be able to make school life interesting and meaningful. For example, Kabzaki Nazerke hosted a series of webinars “How NIS sparks creativity”, where graduate students from past years shared their personal experiences. “Everything around us is created by us. If you want changes , go for it!” claims one of the candidates Ausat Aruzhan. Aruzhan proposes to intensify the work of volunteer clubs in children’s hospitals and nursing homes. Toleuov Yernur notes the shortcomings in the work of Shanyraks and suggests implementing new ideas. Muratbek Sultan considers that it is necessary to regularly conduct opinion polls to identify the general mood and problems of students. Sarsenbay Mirat wants to intensify the Olympic movement at school. Makat Aykhanym proposes to organize a charitable school foundation. Zharylkasyn Ayazhan managed to implement one of her projects “Talent Show” online. Asanbayev Adilmurat wants to introduce the concept of “referendum” into the elected student council and demands considerable changes. It should be noted that the Adilmurat’s telegram channel https://t.me/insiderNis is actively campaigning for all candidates, providing the most interesting news from the candidates.

The most important event for the school, elections of the President of school will take place in October 13. We invite you to take an active part in the election of the President of the school! Follow the candidates’ news on social media. Our President is our choice!