Project “Solar energy for schools” in action

In Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Nur-Sultan city, a meeting of NIS students and teachers with representatives of Shell company in Kazakhstan was held within the framework of the project "Solar energy for schools". The project "Solar energy for schools" is implemented within the framework of the Memorandum of cooperation signed by [...]

“Sport suyer ata-ana” – health festival

On November 16, NIS students’ parents participated in a sports festival "Soyer ata-ana" in NIS PHM in Nur-Sultan. The main purpose of the festival is to foster in students positive virtues such as love and respect to their parents through physical education. Famous sports personalities were invited as experts: Marina Ivanovna Volnova, who was Asian [...]

Yernur-prize-winner of the Presidential Olympiad

Yeleusizov Yernur, a 12th grade student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of physics and mathematics in Nur-Sultan, was previously the winner of different competitions. His triumph includes the 2nd place at the Republic IESO selections 2019 (Geology), the 3rd place at the 1st Republican conference of research works "World of science" and the 3rd place at [...]

Young NIS roboticists’ success at WRO

The team of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools’ young roboticists returned from Gyor, Hungary with great achievement. Under the leadership of the famous coach Nikolai Avdyunin, the team entered the top three in the main WRO championship (World Robot Olympiad - World Robotics Olympiad) and brought home bronze medals.   The NIS team introduced the “Ziggurat” robot, [...]

Hello, young newcomers!

Initiation of seventh graders to young intellectuals was held on November 8, 2019. By this time, students have passed serious tests: they passed the entrance exams, serious competitive selection and the “course of the young fighter” in the first quarter. Therefore, the "Initiation" has become the most important moment intheir lifes. The event has began [...]