A report on “TWO STARS”

It has become a tradition that every February “TWO STARS” unites the entire school together where everyone sees duets of teachers and students who, in turn, prepare unexpected and unforgettable performances. This year the contest has been held for the 9th time and still enjoys tremendously high popularity among all school community. It took place on the February 7.

          The primary idea that lies behind the organization of this event is to evoke not only students’ but also teachers’ interest to learn English as the foremost secret in learning a foreign language is that it should bring joy. Hence, what else if not songs can help in this?! The process of learning English can be easy and pleasurable. The MUST requirement for the participants of “TWO STARS” is to sing in English. What is more, the teacher-student cooperation helps both parties to interact outside the class more closely and get acknowledged of each other more in depth.

          This year “TWO STARS” has unified all music fans – there was no a single empty place in the assembly hall and the audience was very diverse – students of 7 grades, school alumni, teachers and working staff. The two hosts of the event were Aisulu Tyulyubayevna, the English teacher and the organizer of the contest and this year’s graduate student Akchurin Alnur who lit the spectators with their energy and charisma.

          The participants who sang the songs of far 70s managed to take all guests to that distant atmosphere just as the original song performers did it then.

          This year the number of duets has increased reaching 11 tandems in total. Fantastic songs of 70s performed by teachers and students were so manifold which made the evening particularly memorable. All participants surprised the audience with creative search, artistic skills, singing originality and excellence. It was with great enthusiasm that the audience applauded to the participants not letting them leave the stage for quite a while.

          The results of “TWO STARS”:

Grand Prix

Mangytai Aidana (English teacher) & Balym Zhamkhan (grade 8C) with ABBA songs.

1st place

Erzhanova Aizhan (Computer Science teacher) & Taimbetova Ayazhan (grade 10E) with I WILL SURVIVE

2nd place

Abushahmanov Almaz (curator) & Pak Sofia (grade 11D) with Hallelujah.

3rd place

Kaparov Meirhan (Art teacher) & Sarbulin Temirlan (grade 12 A) with Kung Fu Fighting.


Nomination “The audience’s Choice”

Habiyeva Aidana (Russian teacher) & Keribayeva Aida (grade 10F) with Imagine.

Nomination “The comperes’ Choice”

Rabotina Elene & Moldybayev Daniyal (grade 10C) with We Are The Champions.