Today the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Astana celebrates the Day of Knowledge.

Festive events dedicated to the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic years were held in a combined format. The solemn lineup in compliance with all security measures took place only with the participation of students in grades 7-8. All other students could watch the celebration during the live broadcast.

More than 200 seventh-graders – holders of the “Orken” grant, were looking forward to the Day of Knowledge with special impatience. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Islambek Tuleubayuly Salzhanov, executive director of the republican fund “Kuy Anasy”, composer, professor, and great-grandson of the well-known kuishi Dina Nurpeisova Tolegen Kuanyshev congratulated the seventh graders and their parents on the most exciting holiday.

In honor of the anniversary of Dina Nurpeisova, Tolegen Kuanyshev presented to 10 students of 7th grade a national musical instrument – a dombra. Tolegen Kuanyshev wished the students to pay great attention to learning to play the dombra and to promote our national values.

By tradition, on this day, the creative teams of the school performed with bright performances: young dombra players from the Zhiger ensemble, the Neformat vocal and instrumental ensemble, and the ethnographic ensemble.

School principal Meiram Zhakenov, congratulating audience on the Day of Knowledge, wished the new academic year to be bright and fruitful for everyone, filled with interesting ideas, new discoveries and achievements.

The honorable right of the first school bell was given to a student of the 12G class, an excellent student, and an applicant for the sign “Altyn belgi” Altair Ashurov and a student of the 7G class Amina Nurkhat.

The first bell, which rang at the school, called everyone to the first lesson dedicated to the achievements and successes of Kazakhstan in 30 years of Independence.