An Excursion to the «house» where moneу lives

An excursion to Sberbank was conducted for the 7th “D” grade students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana by the head of the bank’s personnel department Khalmuratova Tokzhan Bauyrzhanovna.

On the eve of the National Currency Tenge Day, students got acquainted with the «house» where money lives: they visited the customer service department, saw the work of manager and how they carried out banking operations.

In the conference hall of Sberbank, Tokzhan Bauyrzhanovna made a presentation and spoke about the main working directions of the bank. In order to test an economic literacy of young intellectuals, an employee of the bank offered them a quiz. The students were glad to show their knowledge. Having visited the bank one day, the guys undoubtedly received new knowledge and expanded their horizons. Tokzhan Bauyrzhanovna handed over memorable souvenirs to everyone and took a photo with NIS students.

Ibragimova Aisane: I liked everything. The tour was very interesting. I especially remember the motto of the bank: “I am a leader. We are a team!”.

Pshenbaуeva Alina: I liked the tour, Togzhan Bauyrzhanovna told us about Sberbank enthusiastically and interestingly, she answered to all our questions. The bank staff were very polite and friendly. Thank them for the warm welcome.