Art lesson from a famous artist

Associate professor and Master of Arts Mukhtar Kayratovich Baybosyn conducted a drawing lesson for students living in the school’s dormitory.

More than 100 students from both the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics and the Intellectual School of IB live in the dormitory. Different leisure activities are organized for and by them including but not limited to games, contests, quizzes, tours and meetings.

Not only the dormitory tutors, but also parents take part in the organization of leisure time for the students. The parent club “Ak Bulak” contributes well by organizing various exciting activities for children.

The other day, the students tried themselves as artists with the help of Mukhtar Baybosyn who is a big name among the artists of Kazakhstan. Mr Baybosyn conducted a drawing lesson – a master class: revealed some technical secrets of drawing. At the beginning, he introduced the basics of painting to the students and spoke about how he paints his own pictures. Then, in front of the audience, he drew a sketch of the painting and commented on each of his strokes.

Noteworthy, the master’s tips were timely and useful for many students. The students with great diligence painted together with the artist.

The master class will be remembered by the children for a long time, an unusual drawing lesson once again proved that drawing contributes to an increase of IQ level and forms creative thinking.