Hello, young newcomers!

Initiation of seventh graders to young intellectuals was held on November 8, 2019. By this time, students have passed serious tests: they passed the entrance exams, serious competitive selection and the “course of the young fighter” in the first quarter. Therefore, the "Initiation" has become the most important moment intheir lifes. The event has began [...]

Heart to heart

On October 1, NIS PhM in Nur Sultan celebrated The International Day of Older Persons. The meeting of the reading club "Book. Tea. Talk" was held in the school library with grandparents participation.  At the same time, there was "Grandma's Workshop" where girls learned to sew korpeshe of colored pieces of cloth. During the master class, a [...]

The day that brought happiness

On September 24, 2019, young guests from the city’s Social Service Center visited NIS PhM in Nur Sultan. The children had fun studying in school’s creative workshops Thanks to the support of school communities that showed special attention and care, the little guests enjoyed playing, drawing, sculpting, learning to dance together. It is touching to [...]

The most athletic families are called to start

On September 13, the competition "The most athletic family" dedicated to National Family Day was held with the support of 7th grade PE teachers. This annual event is held to promote healthy lifestyles, student team building and involvement of parents in active school life. The game warm-up and demonstration performances of break-dance dancers set the [...]

The Union of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan is looking into gifted youth

Winners’ Parade at the school assembly on September 16 was led by 12th grade students Asgarly Tarlan and Kenzhebek Daryn, prize-winners of the robotics contest among country’s schoolchildren. The competition was held on September 12 within the VII Kazakhstan Engineering Forum in Astana. The organizers, the Association of Kazakhstan Machinery Industry, worked with students for [...]

“Save a friend” animal shelter

On 12 September, within the Kindness campaign on the occasion of the International Charity Day, Shanyrak "Okzhetpes" including 8th and 10th grade students with the curator Z.R.Eshchanova visited the "Save a friend" animals shelter located in the Ilyinka village. The shelter contains more than 200 stray cats and dogs. Volunteers help wounded, sick and emaciated [...]

The sun in palms

On September 11, students from  11th L of Nazarbayev Intellectual school visited the city’s "social service Center". Before the trip, the students discussed the program of their visit: how to entertain and how to please children with special needs. To everyone's joy, the meeting was held in a very warm atmosphere: with hugs and a [...]

Create, aspire and do!

New school president elections were held on April 22. The following students were the candidates: AZAMATOVA Nuriya AITZHAN Rakhat VALIYEVA Sayora Dyusekina Dilnaz YERKIN Erkhan TULEUOV Ernur In the hall of the 1st floor every student and adult could make his/her choice. An electoral committee center of 10 people strictly followed the transparency rules: all [...]

Fab Lab for young NIS scientists

A meeting with representatives of Nazarbayev University Fab Laboratory Technopark took place at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics of Nur- Sultan city. During the meeting, Grade 8-9 students received information about the activities of the first digital production laboratory in Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan Business Campus Fab Lab. Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a [...]

Congratulations “Asyl Mura”!

A dance team of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana, “Asyl mura”, performs not only on the school stage. It also takes part in festivals and competitions of various levels. Recently, members of the dance team performed with great success at the international festival. They showed their skills in folk and contemporary [...]