Create, aspire and do!

New school president elections were held on April 22. The following students were the candidates:

  1. AZAMATOVA Nuriya
  2. AITZHAN Rakhat
  3. VALIYEVA Sayora
  4. Dyusekina Dilnaz
  5. YERKIN Erkhan
  6. TULEUOV Ernur

In the hall of the 1st floor every student and adult could make his/her choice. An electoral committee center of 10 people strictly followed the transparency rules: all those who voted were registered on the online platform, following which they were given a ballot with the names of the candidates.
Everyone remembers how actively the agitation week was going on: Sayora’s tea-drinking, Nuriya’s speech, Yerkhan’s fair, distribution of sweets and agitation posters at the entrance to the school. The meeting with the candidates was held on Thursday, April 18, at the school’s library. The candidates delivered a pre-election speech on the topic “Why do I want to become a president of our school?” High school students talked about how to make the school life richer in social activities, discussing the internal routine and the work of the Student Council.
For all participants in the election race, this was not just a game, but a lesson of useful skills for future adulthood.
According to the results, Yerkin Yerkhan, a student of the 10th grade, won the highest number of votes. Yerkin is a participant of the UN Model conference and exchange program with the international school Hannover (ISHR) in Germany. He is also a representative of the NIS at the European creative and scientific festival in Saint-Denis in France and young scientist who presented the NIS PHM in Nauryz meetings in Kyzylorda (the author of scientific project “Multimodular orbital station”).
The newly elected president of Student Council will be the initiator of all new projects; he will make all his strength and efforts to involve every student in the life of the school.