The results of the comprehensive test for the selection of students of the 7th grade of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools for the academic year 2023-2024 will be published on the official website of the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” at the link html.

Today we announced the results of the selection process for awarding the “Orken” scholarship for education at Nazarbayev intellectual schools.
As you know, the system of competitive selection of intellectual schools meets international standards and over the past 10 years has proven to be efficient, transparent and, most importantly, has won the trust of students and parents.
Proof of this is the annual increase in the number of applications submitted.
this year, 22,353 applicants took part in the competition. This represents an average of 3 to 15 people per place.
We are sincerely pleased with the activity of those who want to study at our schools throughout the country.
For education in intellectual schools, 2,664 scholarships have been allocated from the Republican budget for the next school year. In the cities of republican importance – Astana, Almaty and Shymket – 144 grants were awarded, and for the regional schools 120 grants each.

An important difference this year was that applicants who achieved the minimum score were ranked in a single ranking for each intellectual school, regardless of the language of instruction.

In addition, a reserve list of applicants was approved for each school. Under this list, scholarships for vacant seats are awarded for each school through the end of the school year.

Dear Grant Recipients

Congratulations on receiving your grant! Already in September our Intellectual Schools will open their doors for you.

I am sure that you will prove yourself more than once and reach new heights.

Dare and achieve the best!
With best wishes, Anuar Zhangozin, Chairman of the Board
of AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.