Mass Media on our Graduates

Our graduates have gone onto great things: we hope their stories inspire you.

The story of a Kazakhstani at the West Point military school: “There is no turning back!”

June 5, 2015

Maksat Nugmanov (graduate of 2011) graduated from the most prestigious military academy in the world and returned home to serve the motto, which he repeated every day during his studies: “Duty. Honour. Fatherland “.

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December 27, 2011

Beket Tulegenov (graduate of 2010) – the first Kazakhstani studying at the American Aerospace University, wrote a letter to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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Everything is possible in life! “A guy from Kostanay creates electric cars in the USA.

A story about Azat Suleimenov (graduate of 2010), the only Kazakh in the electric car company Lucid Motors. It is also a story about determination and self-confidence.

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A Kazakh girl from Karaganda got a job at Google and left for the USA: how not to forget about your homeland.

January 9, 2020

A graduate of the University of Chicago Malika Aubakirova (graduate of 2011) told what it is like to work as the only Kazakhstani at Google and why there is no “American dream”.

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3 июня 2020

ZHANDOS YBRAYEV, (graduate of 2010) economist, macroeconomic researcher tells how the American education system works, what life is like overseas and why they returned to Kazakhstan, leaving the country of unlimited possibilities.

Forbes Woman Kazakhstan – Numerical superiority. Kazakhstani quant at the forefront of investment.

Investment mathematician at Fidelity Investments Adiya Makhambetova told Forbes Woman Kazakhstan who the quants are, how they changed the financial sector and what to expect for the stock market from the final results of the US elections.

Kazakhstanis beat Harvard students in genetic engineering competition

Mariyam Akizhanova (graduate of 2013) won a gold medal in the prestigious iGEM-2017 competition.

Books with augmented reality began to be published in Kazakhstan

November 29, 2018

Almira Ali (graduate of 2011), talks about how books with augmented reality can help in professional activities.

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3 stories of Muscovites from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: how to move and build a career

Diaz Alimbay (graduate of 2011) interview to WE project media edition.

Forbes Kazakhstan presents its third rating “30 under 30”

September 25, 2020

Forbes Leader Alnur Akchurin, (edition 2020) entered the rating “30 under 30” Forbes Kazakhstan in the category “Technology” Nazarbayev named the names of young Kazakhstanis that he is proud of.

 December 11, 2020


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Forbes Leader.  “Living water. How a schoolboy from Nur-Sultan invented a way to significantly increase the yield ”.

January 21, 2021.

When Alnur Akchurin presented a project of an innovative agrogel increasing the yield as part of the incubation program of the Innovation Cluster of Nazarbayev University, he was only 17 years old.