Hello, young newcomers!

Initiation of seventh graders to young intellectuals was held on November 8, 2019. By this time, students have passed serious tests: they passed the entrance exams, serious competitive selection and the “course of the young fighter” in the first quarter. Therefore, the “Initiation” has become the most important moment intheir lifes.

The event has began in the school’s gym, on a venue called “We Build Our Team,” where each class performed creative tasks and demonstrated teamwork.

To complete the First assignment, the classes were given a pack of A4 paper and a tape: within 10 minutes each team (and there were 9 of them!) had to “build” a tower. The organizers measured their  “Collective Creation”. Although not all designs were resistant enough, seventh graders managed to take pictures in front of their towers. The second task was to come up with creative ways of application for everyday items.The final task was to develop the Constitution – the rules for young intellectuals.

While the children were doing their creative tasks, their parents prepared cranes for the World Tolerance Day, annually celebrated on November 16. The site “We are building our team” there was a special atmosphere of creativity and emotional recovery.

Then the children and their relatives were invited to the assembly hall for the main event – the Initiation ceremony. The culmination of the celebration was the waltz of seventh graders and the performance of class groups. Guests of the festival saw talented young singers and dancers, musicians and artists. Seventh-graders surprised everyone with their talents.

As it happens, the ritual of initiation ended with the Oath. Newly made students of the NIS PhM vowed to love their school and follow its glorious traditions, study well, and be friendly.

Congratulations to the seventh graders with initiation into young intellectuals! We wish you a colorful life in NIS!!! Welcome to the Intellectual School – to a world filled with bright events, discoveries, unforgettable impressions! Good luck to you!