Intellectuals to sing with a famous French singer Dominique Dimey

A world-famous French singer and songwriter Dominique Dimey will perform at the concert with students of NIS of physics and mathematics in Astana. This concert is dedicated to Universal Children’s Day which is celebrated on the 20 November.

Dominique Dimey is famous for participating in programmes of such international organizations as UNESCO, UNICEF and Alliance Française. She is visiting Nur-Sultan to take part in a social project ‘Children of the World’. This project has taken place in Canada, Lebanon, and Madagascar.

On November 12, thirteen students of NIS, who are learning French as their second foreign language, had the first rehearsal with the singer.

The concert takes place on 20 of November at Students Palace. You are all welcome to support this unique project which aims to raise such issues of child abuse as wars, family and school violence.