Kashihara – Nur-Sultan

Recently, Mr. Yoshimura, the leading expert of the sports development department of the Tokyo Olympiad – 2020 in Kashihara visited the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics.

It is known that in 2020, during the Olympic Games, Kashihara city will host the Olympic team of Kazakhstan. Therefore, Kashihara is actively preparing to receive Kazakhstanis, studying the history and culture of our country, and it is interesting for them to learn everything about Kazakhstan.

The honored guests visited the school library, the assembly hall, the school canteen, and robotics club and dombra classes. In addition, Mr. Yoshimura observed young skiers on the school’s sports ground with interest.

Learning Japanese in the Intellectual School is becoming increasingly popular today: more than 15 students in 8–9 grades are learning Japanese as a second foreign language. Visitors from the land of the rising sun attended the classes of the teacher, N.B Sudiyeva, where 8th grade students demonstrated how they are interested in learning Japanese. For 9th grade students, the lesson was conducted by an expert of Japanese language in Kazakhstan, Ms. Saito. She used the video material of the Japanese textbook “Kashihara Tanbou”, developed by the organizers of the summer Olympiad. This video tutorial will soon serve as an additional educational tool for those who want to learn Japanese.

During the lesson, the students learned about the 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. Mrs. Komura Haruhi, Second Secretary for the cultural information section of the Japanese Embassy, also attended the lesson.