Khan Academy: education is shifting to best practices

Khan Academy (Khan Academy) is a non-profit organization that seeks to change education for a better side and provides a high-quality education free of charge via Internet.
On October 10, 2017, the representatives of Aga Khan Academy – Academic Director Dr. Graham Ranger and Director of the Academy Mr. Salim Bhatia visited Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Astana.
Highly experienced and internationally recognized teachers were met by the school’s Principal Meiram Amirzhanovich Zhakenov and the Deputy Principal for External Affairs Aidar Nasibullovich Khoroshash. The guests demonstrated their aspirations of the network of Intellectual schools in Kazakhstan: they were eager to find out about the specifics of our educational model, and get acquainted with school life during the excursion. The guests were told about the key directions in the development of Intellectual schools.
The dialogue turned out to be diverse and encouraged further cooperation.