Logo of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana

The logo (from the Greek words LOGOS and TYPOS, literally WORD and PRINTS) is a graphic symbol in combination with the original font style of the name.

The symbol of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana is the school logo. The graphic symbol of the logo was created on the basis of the display of the sprout, painted in green and the first letters of the company name in English.

Sprout – the younger generation, comprehending the secrets of the world. Green is considered with the color of life, which in combination with a graphic sign gives the symbol of Beginning and Growth.

Red (copper) bronze color was chosen for the first letters of the company name symbolizing Reliability, Maturity, and Formation.

The main graphic message of the logo: from the beginning of growth to maturity.

Graphic and text signs are located above the text with a written logo on a top. All three logo parts are an integral part of the logo and used together.

The school’s logo is used on the school’s official school letterhead, during official ceremonies and other school-wide celebrations.

When displaying the School’s Logo, it is fully consistent with the description. Reproduction of the Logo in the form of a color or monochrome, three-dimensional or graphic image, in various techniques of execution and from various materials are allowed.

Corporate ornament

The pattern that formed the basis of corporate ornament is taken from the graphic sign without changes and symbolizes the sprout. The use of corporate ornament attracts attention and shows respect for folk traditions, gives aesthetic value, and is also an auxiliary element, designed to increase recognition and memorability.