Project research is an integral part of the educational process of the Intellectual School.

On September 26, 2020, students’ projects were defended online at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in the city of Astana. More than 180 research papers in 4 areas were presented at the school contest of scientific projects in general subjects, organized on the Microsoft Teams platform.

During last academic year and summer holidays, students, together with their supervisors, were engaged in research, conducting experiments, discussing socially significant issues, and now time has come to present their results.

226 students presented their ideas in the field of medicine, transport, agro-industrial technologies and production, architecture, IT, protection from emergencies and the social sphere, to the jury members.

Most of the projects were devoted to high technologies, there were many projects on protection the environment and green economy, for example, Zeynulla Janel proposed to use piezoelectric elements as a source of electricity, Akhmetov Amir, 12 “C” grade student, presented concentrated solar panels. Student of 10 “E” grade, Abay Kabduakhit in his project considered new sources of oxygen in nature. M. Khamza, D. Musin, D. Lesov, students of grade 11 D, showed the team work – a drone model for detecting forest fires. The jury members noted the relevance and practical importance of all projects presented.

More than 30 projects in mathematics: “Theory of Probability in Life”, “Mysterious Mobus List”, “Mathematical Paradoxes and Sophisms”, etc. were reviewed by the jury that day. Each research work was distinguished by the uniqueness of the idea and the completeness of the content.

For the project on linguistics, student of 8 “F” grade, Ishmukhamedova Zhamilya studied the influence of the Internet and social networks on the speech culture of students. D. Seidakhmetova, 9th grade student, studied language games of advertising texts. Kasymkhanova Adina, student of 11 “E” grade, chose the concept of flowers in Abai’s poems as the object of her research.

The 8 projects, recognized as the best by expert committee, will be presented for defense at the republic level, which will take place on October 26.