Research and local lore expedition «Tugan elge tagzym-2018»

In 2012, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools launched a patriotic project – research and local lore expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”, which is designed to create students’ interest in learning the characteristics of their native land, popularizing tourist and local history activities among students. A special feature of educational trips is the exchange of routes among Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, conducting territorial hikes and tourist expeditions.
From October 21 to October 27, 24 students from the Intellectual Schools of Almaty and Karaganda will arrive in Astana within the framework of the research and local history expedition “Tugan Elge Tagzym-2018”
Within the framework of the project, these two expedition groups will explore the cultural and historical sites of Astana, the architectural structures of the capital. Also meeting of young local historians with scientists from the Research Institute K.I Barayev and K.A Akishev Research Institute of Archeology is scheduled.
The educational program of the expedition includes study, research, practical, cultural, leisure and sports activities of children. Young local historians will study the flora and fauna of central Kazakhstan in the Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve and in the State National Park “Buiratau”. Students will visit the «ALZHIR» memorial complex, the local history museum “Bogenbay” and the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Visiting the enterprises: National company «Kaz Munay Gaz», «Tsesna-Astyk» Concern, «Nur-Sultan Polymer» LLP, «Agrofirma Rodina» LLP, young local historians will familiarize themselves with the diversified industrial complex of the capital of our Republic
Each expedition is just a starting point for subsequent research work for the year, at the end of which the students will write research projects, essays, make up guidebooks on their native land, speak on radio and television, fill up with photos and records of a family album. All collected materials will be transferred to the school library, class rooms and the most valuable materials will be transferred to the school museum.
On October 27, at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana will be held a round table on the results of the research and local history expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”, where participants will share their impressions, tell about the expedition progress, demonstrate the collected materials and sum up the expedition experience.