“Save a friend” animal shelter

On 12 September, within the Kindness campaign on the occasion of the International Charity Day, Shanyrak “Okzhetpes” including 8th and 10th grade students with the curator Z.R.Eshchanova visited the “Save a friend” animals shelter located in the Ilyinka village.

The shelter contains more than 200 stray cats and dogs. Volunteers help wounded, sick and emaciated animals. Dogs and cats get full care, protection, nutrition, comprehensive veterinary care and, most importantly, a chance to find a new family. There is a lot of work in each shelter; help here will never be superfluous.

Students of the NIS PhM in Astana purchased food, dishes, vitamins and blankets for cats and dogs. The students fed animals, played with them and received a lot of positive emotions from communicating with our little four-legged friends.

Some students seriously considered taking a pet to their home. Friends! Join the campaign! Give these animals your heart! Take an animal from the shelter and make this world a little kinder!