On April 6, the staff of the Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana city celebrated the Nauryz holiday together and cheerfully.
The festive decoration of the school yard, the installed yurt in bright decoration, the altybakan created an atmosphere of general celebration. It can be seen that the curators, schoolchildren and their parents approached the holiday with great preparation. Many students and teachers came in national costumes, which made the holiday even more beautiful.
School director Asel Beisembinova congratulated everyone on the holiday, emphasizing that Nauryz is a symbol of spring renewal, fertility and friendship.
Congratulations to students and teachers on behalf of the parent committee, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union of Power Engineers of Kazakhstan Zharkymbek Kopbayuly Alimbetov. Aksakal gave bata (good wishes) and expressed confidence that the students of the school will grow up as educated and developed people who will love their homeland – Kazakhstan.
The festive program began with the dance “Nauryz” performed by the dance ensemble “Kerbez-Sulu”. Bright numbers, a collection of the model club “Eclipse”, melodic songs were replaced one after another.
The celebration of Nauryz was accompanied by national games and various performances. The guests of the holiday were able to see the rituals and national ceremonies such as “Tusau kesu”, “Shashu”, revered and passed down from generation to generation.
After the official part of the holiday, the schoolchildren tasted national Kazakh dishes, regaled themselves with bauyrsaks, kurt-irimshik, nauryz kozhe.