“Sport suyer ata-ana” – health festival

On November 16, NIS students’ parents participated in a sports festival “Soyer ata-ana” in NIS PHM in Astana.

The main purpose of the festival is to foster in students positive virtues such as love and respect to their parents through physical education.

Famous sports personalities were invited as experts: Marina Ivanovna Volnova, who was Asian champion in 2010, a silver medalist in the World Championship (2010), the four-time winner of the Kazakhstan boxing championship, the bronze champion of the London Olympics, Serik Uteuovich who is police colonel in reserve and honored master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Nur-Sultan Fighters team fighter Zhasulan Akimzhan, who is world and Eurasia champion in pankration, Kazakhstan and Asia champion in ju-jitsu and hand-to-hand fighting.

Meiram Zhakenov , the principal of the school, welcomed all participants in the sports festival, wished everyone vigor and good mood!

Competitions were held in various sports. In a large sports hall, parents took part in a sports relay race with a ball, skipping rope, hoop. In the small hall, volleyball teams competed in agility, speed, and cohesion. Moms and dads also competed with children in volleyball, chess, table tennis, arm wrestling and togykumalak.

In the final part of the holiday, the athletes of Kazakhstan presented memorable diplomas to everyone.