Students visited exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth”

On September 6, students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School, living in the student residence, visited the exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” which is located on the territory of the JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary. Interesting and informative exhibition organized by the space center of the French city of Toulouse consists of two main thematic expositions. Children visited the first hall, where the first thematic exposition “Comets – the progenitors of planetary systems” has taken place. The second exposition “Water: a view from above” made it possible to learn more about the water in each of its states: oceans, continental waters, ice and atmosphere. With the help of unique models, video materials, interactive stands and panels presented at the exhibition, NIS students got acquainted with new achievements in the space field. A huge interest of the children was caused by the astronaut’s spacesuit supporting a certain ecosystem inside. Students also received a great impression when they saw the models of the booster rockets Soyuz, Proton, Zenit, the model of the Buran orbital ship. Children left the exhibition with bright impressions from the acquaintance with cosmos and astronautics, which, perhaps, will determine the future profession.