The day that brought happiness

On September 24, 2019, young guests from the city’s Social Service Center visited NIS PhM in Nur Sultan.

The children had fun studying in school’s creative workshops Thanks to the support of school communities that showed special attention and care, the little guests enjoyed playing, drawing, sculpting, learning to dance together.

It is touching to watch the children smiling good-naturedly to all who were so happy to communicate with them. At the drawing club, the children with their parents drew on their T-shirts using indelible colors. In the pottery workshop, guests made tumar using clay and learned a dance “Carriages” in the Choreography Studio.

Guests were expected to have a cup of tea. Later, young visitors were presented hand-painted t-shirts.

Parents were pleased with the invitation to the Intellectual School. “Our children imitate others, and it is very important for them to be in a developing environment. Thanks to the school, today the children and I experienced joy, received a charge of vivacity”, says Razida Kusainovna, Yerasyl’s mother.

2020 has been declared the Year of the Volunteer in Kazakhstan, and this gives a new impetus to the development of volunteer movement in the Intellectual School. The school team is already discussing a new initiative – the creation of a special program to support the city’s “Center for Social Services”. NIS students are planning to organize a festival of miracles and a sports festival for special-needs children.