The Game of ‘Stock Exchange’

Teachers of economics Askhat Beisenbayev and David Annan organized a game ‘Stock Exchange’, and 90 students of grades 7-11 along with 18 teachers took active part in it. First, all the participants were introduced such notions as stock market and securities and how individuals can make money there.

During the game students and teachers played roles of investors and entrepreneurs. Students’ task was to earn as much as possible from selling shares of ‘KMGZ’, ‘HalykBank’, ‘Kazakhtelecom’, and ‘Air Nur-Sultan’. Teachers were supposed to effectively invest their money into these companies.

Grade 10 team, ‘Sabotage’, won the game; best investor – teacher of English Raushan Bulekbayeva. On 12 of November, the winners were awarded certificates during Monday morning line-up.

We hope that the experience the participators have gained will help them develop economic culture and apply decision-making skills in various economic situations.