The mission of the school: – Make your future here! – Start your future here! “In action !!!

On September 1, 2018, the First School Bell rang for the 10th time and invited 933 students of Astana Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics to the world of Knowledge and Science.

The solemn assembly dedicated to the Day of Knowledge began with the choreographic composition “Uly dala.”

Summer is not the time only for rest and travel. Many students spent their summer vacation to improve their knowledge. The principal of the school Zhakenov Meiram Amirzhanovich awarded students with diplomas, who became the winners and the prize-winners of competitions in various subjects this summer.

They are

Muratov Adilkhan – 3rd place in the international Olympiad in informatics “Tuymaada” in Yakutia.

Umurzak Assylbek – the winner of the bronze medal of the International Olympiad in Earth Sciences IESO 2018, Thailand.

Kazhen Kamilla – the winner of two gold awards in the team competition of the Olympiad on Earth Sciences IESO 2018.

Baylin Amirkhan – Honorary diploma in physics at the international Olympiad in Portugal.

The winners of the National Olympiad in Robotics WRO-2018: Zhambyl Altair 9F, Anet Zharas 9F – Diploma of  1st  degree, Zhatkanbayeva Sagida 10B, Ospanova Shyryn 10E, Maukei Zulfar 12A, Sarbassova Alika 12E – diploma of the 2nd degree.

The prize-winners of international scientific conferences: Daurbayev Alias 11G, Bektursyn Khazretali 11G, Ramazan Azimzhan 9E.

The pride and excellent information was the participation of the best students in extracurricular courses of the best universities in the world:

Summer School of Columbia University.

Summer extracurricular courses of the International Center Valbonne (France).

Summer courses at the University of Stanford.

The summer practice of «2 апта ауылда» (2 weeks in a village) was completed by 802 students, 515 children worked ten days at the enterprises of their parents, and 271 pupils got job skills, having spent one day with them.

The heart and brain of the school are its teachers, the school employs 153 teachers, as well as 9 teachers from such countries as Canada, the United States, Finland, Kenya, South Africa. David Annan, an economics teacher, defended PhD in economics this year. Hassan Sabere, a biology teacher and an author of the scientific work “learning concept of K_L_M: Instructional and Learning Escalation” published two books on pedagogy.

Hassan Sabere and the teacher of chemistry Uralbaeva Karlyash Abdulkhairovna, awarded a breastplate Y. Altynsarin, were given the right to congratulate the children and their parents with the start of the new school year on behalf of the pedagogical team.

The school bell made by the students of NIS PHM at the “Pottery” club, rang and announced the beginning of a new academic year. The right to give the first bell was given to Suleimenov Akhat, a 12 A grade honors student and an applicant for a breastplate “Altyn belgi”, he returned to his native school after studying the exchange program for high school students “FLEX”, and to a 7 B grade honors student, Kayyrbek Nazime.

The mood of the holiday, the joy of meeting with the favorite school was passed on to all who became a part of this great event – the Day of Knowledge. The start is given, interesting lessons, Olympiads, presentation of scientific projects, school holidays and everyday life are ahead.