The most athletic families are called to start

On September 13, the competition “The most athletic family” dedicated to National Family Day was held with the support of 7th grade PE teachers. This annual event is held to promote healthy lifestyles, student team building and involvement of parents in active school life.

The game warm-up and demonstration performances of break-dance dancers set the pace and set everyone up for the positive and success of the event. After all, participants would have to undergo the relay race, crossing, Curling, “cleaning the house”, overcome the target “Popodai -ka”, the combined relay and get to the competition “visiting a fairy tale.”

Hall unanimously supported their teams. Grandmothers, brothers and sisters of students – no one wanted to stay home that day!

Athletes went through all the stages. The chairman of the jury Bidaibekov Oralbek congratulated the winners and congratulated them on Family Day. The champion was a friendly family from 7th “B” grade: Kuderinov E.U., Kuderinova A.T. and Umirzak Miras; Energetic family groups from 7th “D” (Tolegen Tomiris) and 7th  “E” (Muratov Batyrkhan) grades took the 2nd place; families from 7th “F” (Kaparov Biarys), 7th “A” (Ibatulin Amir) and 7th “K” (Kayyrzhan Orynbasar) grades came to the finish line third.

The encouraging prize “For will to win” was awarded to team from 7th “G” grade (Aytpayev Ayan.)