The Union of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan is looking into gifted youth

Winners’ Parade at the school assembly on September 16 was led by 12th grade students Asgarly Tarlan and Kenzhebek Daryn, prize-winners of the robotics contest among country’s schoolchildren.

The competition was held on September 12 within the VII Kazakhstan Engineering Forum in Astana. The organizers, the Association of Kazakhstan Machinery Industry, worked with students for the first time, and therefore the organizing committee decided to look at their potential employees. In early September, correspondence qualification was held among young people interested in robotics and the composition of the contest was determined.

The Intellectual School team received an invitation and the opportunity to become a participant along with the other 10 teams.

Tarlan and Erkanat have been engaged in robotics for several years: they have won prizes in National competitions. During the first stage of the competition, the students had to build their models and specify algorithm of actions using a special program. Symbat Nurgalieva, team leader, shares her impressions: “The students had only a few hours to complete the final task. And it was very difficult. Tarlan and Yerkanat showed their knowledge and skills in robotics and in a few hours constructed a sorting conveyor. As a result, our team took 3rd place and received a certificate for 300 thousand tenge ”.

Asgarly Tarlan and Kenzhebek Daryn will finish school this academic year; they see their future in high-technology.