Yernur-prize-winner of the Presidential Olympiad

Yeleusizov Yernur, a 12th grade student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of physics and mathematics in Astana, was previously the winner of different competitions. His triumph includes the 2nd place at the Republic IESO selections 2019 (Geology), the 3rd place at the 1st Republican conference of research works “World of science” and the 3rd place at the XII Presidential Olympiad in mathematics and natural science.

Students from all over the Republic attended the Olympiad that was held from 12 to 15 November 2019 at Karaganda state industrial University.

On November 18, at the school assembly, the principal congratulated Yernur on his victory and wished him new discoveries and achievements.

Yernur wants to connect his life with the profession of an economist and he has all the qualities to achieve his aim: analytical mind and mathematical abilities. In the international SAT exam in physics and mathematics, Yernur scored 800 out of 800 in each subject. The school believes that his hard work will help Earnur to become one of the leading financial advisors.