Young NIS roboticists’ success at WRO

The team of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools’ young roboticists returned from Gyor, Hungary with great achievement. Under the leadership of the famous coach Nikolai Avdyunin, the team entered the top three in the main WRO championship (World Robot Olympiad – World Robotics Olympiad) and brought home bronze medals.


The NIS team introduced the “Ziggurat” robot, an elementary school teacher who teaches math and drawing, helps to learn the alphabet, and works with visually impaired and hearing impaired children, in the “Smart Education” section.

– The idea of ​​the project belongs to Daniil Filimonov from the Taldykorgan Intellectual School. Lyubov Dudchenko from the NIS PhM in Almaty and Elina Pak from the Taldykorgan NEXTROBOT center worked with him as a team, and Nikolay Avdyunin, the coach of the robotics team of Almaty region, led it. “In the final, more than 400 teams from 73 countries of the world met with our students”, – said Azamat Bidanov, Deputy Director of the Information Technologies Center of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools AEO.


Nikolay Avdyunin, one of the most respected robotics trainers in the country, has been working in the Taldykorgan NIS since its inception. Success in Hungary is the third achievement of Nikolai’s students at the WRO; they have already brought bronze medals from Sochi and gold from New Delhi.


“Today the world is entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era of deep and rapid changes: technological, economic and social. Every year we create projects to develop the potential of our students, thereby striving to improve information production. This can lead to rise of country’s economy”, Nikolay Avdyunin emphasized.


WRO – 2019 was held in Gyor, Hungary and was dedicated to Smart Cities. AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools has been the national coordinator of the World Robotics Olympiad since 2014.